Port of Palmi

The port of Taureana Palmi, which takes its name from the village, is located at the North of the Bay of Tonnara, two miles from the port of Gioia Tauro.

The Port is classified in the 1st category as port of refuge, according to RD 04.02.1892 No. 868, and in the 2nd category - IV class of functions with sparse trading.
The port of Taureana falls under the sheet 11, the particles 369-345. The area covered includes a maritime state of about 86,750 square meters of land and 40,000 square meters of water surface.

The outer breakwater shows a structure moderately tracimabile, oriented parallel to the isobaths and prolonged respect to the entrance in order to achieve an outer exterior partially repaired and ensure an appropriate protective screen from the waves of the whole sector of traversia. To mitigate the agitation and the internal wave-silting of the harbor basin was made a brush of about 20.00 m in length, rooted in the outer breakwater. The pier breakwater is about 20 m to the north from the cliffs of Middle. In its flow, initially orthogonal to the shore line, runs parallel to the isobath from south to north, while the end portion extends in the direction of Southeast-Northwest.

The access to the port via sea occurs through an outer harbor in which the entrance of about 50 m provided between the quayed and the breakwater allows easy maneuver of entrance and exit of vessels. In the area behind the outer breakwater was built a quays per day for the mooring of vessels with a draft greater depths places at an altitude of -5.00 m.In the inner area, was made a basin with depths at an altitude of -3.50 m, delimited from the beach and works realized.

It is reachable from the north or south, along the State Road No. 18 connected to the motorway junctions of Gioia Tauro and Palmi on A3 (SA-RC).