Mission & Values

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a meeting point between the East-West shipping routes and the trans-European corridor 1 Helsinki – La Valletta, Gioia Tauro is the largest terminal for transhipment in Italy and oneof the most important hubs of the container traffic in the basin of the Mediterranean Sea.
Overlooking the lower part of the Tyrrhenian Sea, at 38° 26’ 36‘’ of North latitude and 15° 53‘ 50‘’ of East longitude, it is in a barycentric position with respect to the corridors of intercontinental routes that ply the Mediterranean basin and in the middle position along the axis of Suez - Gibraltar.
The port infrastructure, classified as 2nd Categor – 1st class – is of international importance and it is endowed with infrastructure and means to accommodate trans-oceanic vessels in transit in the Mediterranean Sea and capable of dealing with any commercial category.
The port district, which depends upon the municipalities of Gioia Tauro and San Ferdinando, has an area of 440 hectares, excluding water spaces. The port has a channel configuration, with an area of 180 hectares of water surface located parallel to the coast; it consists of the southern expansion basin, the northern evolution basin, the services dock and the channel.
The main operational area is made up of the Container Terminal in the care of MedCenter Container Terminal S.p.A. which has yards (about 1.600 square meters) along the east side of the channel and receives about 3.400 meters of quays for the storage and handling of containers and the annexed workings. The terminal is equipped with twenty-two quay cranes, three of which are of the type post-panamax and nineteen of the type super post-panamax (nine of these are capable of operating up to twenty-two rows of containers). It has also a quay mobile crane and
appropriate number of Straddle Carriers and yard equipment.
The service areas adjacent to the northern evolution basin host a car terminal with an area of 270.000 square meters together with an additional adjacent area of about 40.000 square meters used as a technical centre equipped for the provision of services with high added value.
The presence of two sites for the construction of pleasure crafts and small ship repairs marks the western part of an area where there are also three mooring docks for Ro-Ro units.
Within the port area there is the headquarters of the Corporation of Pilots of the Strait of Messina which is appointed by the pilotage service; the Group of Mooring-men of Reggio Calabria oversees the operations of mooring; for the tug service are used the most modern tug boats.