Port Committee



Dott. Ing. Giovanni Grimaldi

C.V. (CP) Antonio Ranieri

C.F. (CP) Davide Barbagiovanni Minciullo

C.F. (CP) Antonio D’Amore

Luogotenente “NP” Basilio TEDESCO

Arch. Antonella Stasi

Dott. Giuseppe Raffa

Dott. Gerardo Mario Oliverio

Dott. Stanislao Zurlo

Dott.  Saverio Marrari

Dott. Ing. Franca Vampo

Dott. Raffaele Ruberto                          

Avv. Peppino Vallone

On. Dott. Giuseppe Gerace

Dott. Domenico Madafferi

Dott. Giovanni Barone

Dott. Rocco La Valle

Dott. Lucio Dattola

Dott. Giuseppe Gaglioti

Dott. Vincenzo Pepparelli

Dott. Gualtiero Tarantino

Dott. Ing. Domenico Bagalà

Dott. Ing. Francesco De Bonis

Dott. Renzo Muratore

Dott. Michele Mumoli

Dott. Daniele Moretti

Dott. Domenico Angelo Bilotta

Sig. Francesco Reitano

Sig. Salvatore Larocca

Sig. Antonio Sigilli

Sig. Daniele Caratozzolo

Sig. Domenico Macrì

Sig. Antonio Rizzuto                                                


Composition (abstract art. 9 - Law 28 gennaio 1994, n. 84):

  President of the Port Authority, who presides;

  Commanding the harbor of the port authority headquarters, with the function of vice president, an executive of the customs services of the competent customs district, representing the Ministry of Finance;

  a director of the office of the special civil engineering for marine works, representing the Ministry of Public Works;

  President of the Regional Council or his delegate;

  president of the province or his delegate;

   mayor of the municipality where it is located the port, where the territorial jurisdiction of the port authority includes the territory of a single municipality, or the mayors of the municipalities included in the district of the same, or of their delegates;

  president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture responsible for the area or in his stead, by a member of the council delegated by him;

    six representatives of the following categories:

  shipping lines;


  business owners referred to in Articles 16 and 18;

  freight forwarders;

  agents and shipping agents;

                                road hauliers operating in the port.


Istituzional functions (abstract art. 9 - Law 28 gennaio 1994, n. 84) :

             ●   Approve, on the proposal of the Chairman, the operational plan for three years, subject to annual review on the development strategies of port activities and Interventions to ensure compliance with the objectives;

  Adopts the port master plan;

  Approves the annual report on the promotion, organization and operations of the port, on the management of services of general interest and the maintenance of the common parts of the port area, as well as the administration of the areas and state maritime assets falling within the territorial jurisdiction of 'port authority, to be sent by 30 April of the following year to the Ministry of transport and Navigation ;

  Approves the budget, the notes of variation and the final account;

             ●  Shall act in order to concessions;

  Expresses opinions;

  Shall act a proposal from the President, with regard to authorizations and concessions referred to in Articles 16 and 18 for a period exceeding four years, determining the amount of fees therefor;

  Shall act a proposal from the President, the appointment and possible dismissal of the Secretary-General;

  shall act a proposal from the President, after consulting the Chief Secretary, the staffing of the Secretariat technical and operational;

  Shall act regarding the transposition of the contractual agreements relating to the technical and operational staff of the secretariat;

   Approve, on the proposal of the President, the regulation of accounting;